Board and Staff

Child Guidance Resource Centers' Administrative Council:

Standing left to right: Kevin Olivo, Clinical Director; Terry Clark, Chief Financial Officer; Aimee Salas, Chief Innovations Officer; Dr. Andrew Kind-Rubin, Chief Clinical Officer. Seated, left to right: Amy Meadows-Martella, Chief Operations Officer;  Colleen McNichol, CEO;  Brianna Matey, Clinical Director.  

Child Guidance's Board of Directors:
  • Ronald Eyler, Board Chair
  • Tim Dillon
  • Jack Lippart
  • Kevin Dolan
  • R. Gregory Scott
  • Robert Farrington
  • Christine Reuther
  • Dr. Margarita Lorch
  • James Wiley
  • Eric Traugott
  • Richard Kron
  • Roger M. Naut
  • Lucille Arslanian
  • George James, Jr.
  • Jonathan Blome
  • Richard McKnight
  • Todd Kleinman
  • Mark La'Mar

CGRC Staff

Kevin Olivo, LCSW           Clinical Director

Start date: 1999                      Degree: MSW                  College/University: University of Pennsylvania                                          Special Interests: golfing, biking, watching sports