Adult Services | Peer Help in an Effective New Dimension Program (PHRIEND)

The Peer Help in Recovery in an Effective New Dimension Program (PHRIEND) in Delaware County is an individualized mentoring program that helps your loved one manage his/her own recovery and advocacy by pairing him/her with a Certified Peer Support Specialist who is also on his/her own recovery journey and has received training on how to be a supportive and effective mentor. PHRIEND is home and community based; Certified Peer Support Specialists meet with participants in the home and community.

Peer support services focus on six specific areas to help individuals learn how to advocate and care for themselves:

1)    Crisis Support: Participants learn how to recognize early signs of relapse and ways to use coping strategies or ask for help to avoid a crisis, and use strategies to avoid hospitalization.

2)    Development of Community Roles and Natural Supports: Participants are taught how to gain information about school, job training, and full or part time work. The mentor also assists your loved one on how to be an active member in his/her community and how to access and maintain stable housing.

3)    Individual Advocacy: Participants are supported in discussing concerns about medication or diagnosis with doctors and arranging for necessary treatment to have a proactive role in their treatment process.

4)    Self Help: Participants are supported in their ability to make informed choices as well as develop a network of contacts for supports who have been through similar experiences.

5)    Self Improvement: Participants develop a plan and facilitate practical activities to increase feelings of self worth.

6)    Social Network: Participants are assisted with developing and maintaining positive personal and social support networks of friends, family and associates as well as learning how to improve or eliminate unhealthy personal relationships.

The PHRIEND program builds invaluable long-term networks of support and increases independence. Participants learn important tools for self-care and also develop skills to reach out for help when needed.

If you or a loved one is interested in the PHRIEND program, contact one of our Delaware County Assessors to make a referral:

Michelle Smith with Horizon House: 610-497-7379 or Scott Decker with NHS: 610-534-3636 ext: 1528