Adult Services | Specialized Community Residential Rehabilitation Program (SCRR)

Your loved one deserves to live in a safe, supportive and therapeutically appropriate home where s/he can thrive and grow happily. Child Guidance Resource Center’s Meson Specialized Community Residential Rehabilitative Program (SCRR) in Boothwyn, PA is a long-term community residential service for adults over 18 years old with a history of institutionalization and/or chronic mental illness that provides a comfortable and safe living environment. The program focuses on helping consumers transition from their previous place of residence and participate in building and maintaining their home within the community living setting.

SCRR maximizes community opportunities for disabled adults to manage their lives in a caring, empowering environment. We provide numerous opportunities for our clients to have appropriate and successful social interactions. We know how important it is for our clients to receive companionship, security and assistance with daily life activities in order to enhance development to a level appropriate for them.

SCRR services provide all basic needs, including shelter, meals, food shopping, laundry facilities, medication monitoring, socialization, transportation, and environmental safety. We also help your loved one learn skills for independent living. We work closely with other services and service providers, including but not limited to: doctors, dentists, specialists, recreational events or activities, educational, vocational, rehabilitation, treatment, and case management in order to ensure each resident has the resources s/he needs. The level of assistance varies for everyone, from very minimal to comprehensive. We encourage all of our residents are to do as much independently as possible.

Given the SCRR’s long-term and unlimited residency, your loved one is able to feel safe and secure in his/her home. Within the warm, comfortable setting, the SCRR provides opportunities for community integration, development of individual strengths, and individual empowerment.

Our staff is compassionate and understanding of the transition to a communal home. We provide services 24 hours a day to meet the scheduled and unscheduled needs of all residents. We also encourage you and your family to play an integral part in your resident’s life. We consider you to be important members of the treatment team.

All referrals for the SCRR program must come from the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health. For more information, please call 484-454-8724.