Adult Services | Transitional Residential Youth Program (TRY)

Your loved one deserves to live in a safe, supportive and therapeutically appropriate home where s/he can thrive and grow happily. Child Guidance Resource Center’s Meson Transitional Residential Youth (TRY) Program is a 10-48 month residential program in Delaware County for transitional adults ages 18-25 with mental illnesses that provides a safe and comfortable living environment. We help all residents acquire the skills necessary to live as independently as they can in their community of choice. With appropriate skills and treatment, we believe each of our clients can use their strengths to live happily independently.

Our Transitional program helps younger adult clients gain self-appreciation and self-esteem as they transition to adulthood. It provides a stable and secure environment that makes it possible for your love one to live, learn, work and thrive in his/her community.

During their time in our temporary residential facility, clients participate in groups to learn how to better handle anger, problem solve, resolve conflicts and other discussions that will help them live successfully in the residence. Our goal for all individuals in the program is to prepare them for a transition to a less restrictive residential setting.

The projected length of treatment is between 10-48 months depending on age at the time of admittance and skill/development level. The compassionate and structured support in the TRY program encourages independence and growth that allows our consumers to develop the skills necessary to live happily and independently.

All referrals for the TRY program come from the Delaware County Office of Behavioral Health. For more information, please call 484-454-8724.