Child Guidance Resource Centers supports the request for a full investigation of the allegations against the Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center in Lima (DCJDC). We stand by our clinicians for raising concerns to ensure children’s safety.

As mental health professionals, our primary concern has always been the health and welfare of the children detained at DCJDC. Child Guidance was contracted to provide mental health services to youths detained at the Detention Center. A team of three clinicians provided an initial assessment of all children and ongoing counseling services as recommended by the assessment or as requested by the child.

Throughout our tenure, our clinicians reported witnessing first hand verbal and physical abuse of the children by Detention Center staff. In alignment with our values and as mandated reporters of child abuse complaints, we filed required Childline reports with the State for investigation. The well-being of children is our first priority and thus, we continued to provide mental health services to the children at DCJDC. The alleged abuse from the Detention staff is unacceptable and against Child Guidance’s core mission and values. We support our former and current clinicians fully as this critical matter undergoes investigation. Child Guidance respects Judge Kelly’s decision to shut down the center during this evaluation.

We are conducting an internal review and are committed to taking necessary actions as needed. We are devastated to hear the breadth of alleged abuse at DCJDC. Child Guidance remains dedicated to ensuring children’s safety at home, school, and in the community. CGRC is unable to provide further comment on this ongoing investigation, but will commit to keeping you informed as we have more information.