Who do I contact to start CREATE?
You just need to call your county Child Guidance Access Line: Chester County–310-383-5635, Delaware County–484-454-8720 or Philadelphia–267-713-4132. The Montgomery County Access line is also 484-454-8720. You can also email us via the form below.

Who can make a referral?
Anyone!! CREATE is an outpatient service, so anyone can make refer someone. Parents, teachers, pediatricians, grandparents, clinicians, case managers, anyone can make a referral, even clients themselves!  To get started call your county number (above) or email us for more info below – please make sure to choose “CREATE information” for the contact.

Is CREATE covered by our insurance?
CREATE is covered by Medical Assistance and most private insurance plans.

Will transportation be provided?
In most cases, yes!

I live in Montgomery County, can my child attend CREATE?
Probably, depending on your insurance. Use the Delaware County access number to find out! 484-454-8720.

Are there any special forms or paperwork that I need to complete? 
No! Just call to schedule an intake meeting. Delaware County: 484-454-8720, Chester County 610-383-5635, Philadelphia County: 267-713-4132

When will we have family therapy?
Family sessions will at least every eight weeks while your child is in CREATE.

Will we meet other parents?
There will be quarterly parent workshops, during which you will have an opportunity to meet other parents whose families are being helped by CREATE.

I am worried about my 10 year old being in a group with much older kids. How are they going to be grouped?
Clients will be broken into groups based on age and level of functioning. Groups will cover no more than 2 years’ age difference.

Can my child still go to STAP? 
CREATE replaces and improves upon Child Guidance’s After School and Summer Therapeutic Activities Programs (STAP).

My child receives Early Intervention with the County. Can we still do CREATE?
Yes! If CREATE does not conflict with the time of your current services, your child can attend.

My child sees an outpatient therapist, can she attend CREATE? 
Yes. CREATE supplements, and does not replace, any other therapies.

My child receives BHRS, can we do CREATE? 
Yes, CREATE will be in addition to BHRS, and will give your child an opportunity to build friendships and work on peer-relationship skills that can’t be practiced with BHRS.

We get services from another agency, can we still do CREATE?  Yes!! CREATE is an add-on, and you do not need to receive services from Child Guidance to begin CREATE.

We missed the beginning. Will my child be behind if we join after the school year starts?
Clients can begin at any time, your child can begin whenever they need support, and can leave when they have met their goals.

I am pretty sure my child has autism, but she hasn’t been diagnosed yet. Can you do that for her after she starts CREATE?
No, only children who already have an autism diagnosis can begin this service. However, we can help you find out for sure. Call our Child Guidance Access line for your county (listed above) and ask the coordinator to help you.

Can my BSC observe my child at CREATE?
Yes, and your BSC should attend your family sessions with you to gain the most value from that time.

How will I know what they are working on?
You will receive regular updates, and you will have a handbook to help you support your child’s progress. We hope that you will enjoy practicing your child’s developing skills at home.

Can I observe my child at CREATE?
No, we want to keep this time dedicated to the evidence-based models we are incorporating.

Will I have a copay? 
Possibly, if you use private insurance.

Will I get to learn more about the evidence based treatments my child is receiving?
Yes, through your CREATE handbook, family sessions and the quarterly workshops.

To request more information or to begin the registration process, please send us an email below. Please send to the contact “CREATE information”:
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