Holiday Wish List Drive, 2013!

It seemed like it might never happen, but winter is finally shrugging off, allowing spring sunshine to warm us outside as well as in. But before we forget, let’s take a moment to look back on the wonderful work we were able to do this holiday season. For the third year, we were excited to host our Holiday Wish List (formerly known as Adopt a Family campaign) drive to connect generous donors with families and children who were in need this holiday season.

Our Holiday Wish List campaign began in September. First, we asked staff members from all over our organization if they had a client whose family needed help providing holiday gifts and necessities this year. By the end of the season, we had over 115 families nominated, with over 270 children in all. Once we compiled our list, the next step was to seek donors. And boy, did they come out of the woodwork! The response was overwhelming and truly inspiring. We had donors from as far away as New Mexico and California. We also had a wonderful liaison from Cardinal O’Hara high school who worked with her students to get a full 31% of our families adopted. We are still amazed at the support our donors have shown and cannot express our gratitude enough.

All of December, we collected and distributed gifts, making several trips to Coatesville and around the Havertown office. Each day, we watched as the hallways filled with gifts and slowly emptied, only to be replenished the next day. Once all the gifts found their owners, we began to compile the value of our donations. After most gifts were reported, we managed to raise over $6,300 to support the families of our services! It’s truly inspiring to be able to connect with our communities for such an amazing cause.