Self care is extra important in times of stress, disruption, and anxiety. With schools closed and schedules changed, not to mention the plethora of scary news we are seeing every day, it’s so important to care for your mental health and make that an active part of your routine.

What is Self-Care?

Self-care is any activity that helps promote your physical, mental and overall well-being. This can be anything from taking your vitamins to taking a bath. The trick is to train your mind to view these activities as essential, rather than self-indulgent. Taking these few minutes to yourself will help you meet the other needs in your life and improve your overall wellbeing.

I don’t feel like I have any time, how can I do self-care?

You don’t need full days or even hours to get started in self-care. Taking a few minutes for yourself can help you reenergize and restore balance. Creating a list of things you enjoy doing – moving your body, enjoying a specific home-made treat, reading a blog you love, is a good way to start.

Give Yourself Permission

The most important thing to remember with self-care is that you should feel ENTITLED to it. I know the “e-word” gets thrown around at lot these days with negative connotations. But in this case, we’re not talking about taking something. We’re talking about giving.

Give yourself time. Give yourself respect. Give yourself the tools you need to achieve your own goals while caring for your loved ones. Give yourself permission to be more than you are today.

We got you: download our Self-Care for Teens Packet (it’s really a self care for anyone packet :).

It can feel overwhelming to get started. Or perhaps you know someone in your life who could use help prioritizing care for themselves. This Self-Care Packet can be an awesome way to dive in. While I work with a lot of teenage girls, and created this packet with them in mind, it’s really perfect for anyone. It includes different easy self care activities, mindfulness techniques, gratitude journaling, and a 15 minute TedTalk video that I really love (and some others, too).

Click to download

It’s always important to integrate a daily and regular self-care practice, and to take good care of your mental health. It’s especially important now. The more you fill your own cup, the more you can handle the unknowns and stressors the world might throw at you. So take 5 minutes, take 10, take 30, and get started! You deserve it!

About the author: Kaitlyn Hughes is a masters level Truancy Clinician at Child Guidance. Originally from Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania, she attended Wilkes University for my undergraduate degree and Kutztown University for her masters. She currently resides in Philadelphia, PA. In her free time she enjoys traveling and spending time with family and friends. She has a great interest in self care and staying active to promote a healthy balanced lifestyle and loves teaching her clients new techniques and seeing them achieve a more positive mindset.