Adult Services


Child Guidance offers Adult Services for anyone over the age of 21 in need of residential or social care.

Our Adult Training Facility (ATF) provides structured recreational events for adults 21 years and older who need a safe and developmentally appropriate space to meet and interact with peers. Through various activities, individuals build social skills, develop long-lasting friendships, increase self-esteem and become a participating member of their community. To learn how to enroll, visit ourAdult Training Facility page.

Our Meson Transitional Residential Youth (TRY) Program is a safe, transitional housing environment for adults ages 18-25. It is a temporary living community where residents spend an average of 2-4 years acquiring the necessary skills for independent living. Our TRY program provides a stable and secure environment, which helps younger adult clients learn self-appreciation and build self-esteem and makes it possible to live, learn, and thrive independently. To learn more about our program and how to apply, visit our Program page.

For adults with more significant mental health needs, we offer a long-term community residential service, the Meson Community Residential Rehabilitative (CRR) Program. This living facility is for adults 18 years or older with a history of institutionalization and/or chronic mental illness that makes living independently a struggle. Our trained staff assist with the transition from the previous residence and into an environment that fosters a sense of community and empowerment.

The Peer Help in Recovery in an Effective New Dimension (PHRIEND) is an individualized mentoring program that pairs individuals new to their recovery journey with a certified Peer Support Specialist who understands the unique needs and struggles of an individual recovering from mental illness. Peer Support services focus on six specific areas to help individuals learn how to advocate and care for themselves. To learn more about how to join our PHRIEND Program, visit our page.

SHAIP (Supportive Housing Aging In Place) is a supportive housing service in Delaware County designed to meet the needs of the older adult (ages 55 and older) priority populations which include, but are not limited to, the medically fragile, individuals with mental illness, co-occurring drug and alcohol disorders, and intellectual disabilities. The individuals who are served by SHAIP do not meet criteria for nursing homes, but they do experience significant cognitive, medical, and mental health challenges. SHAIP supports the recovery and wellness of individuals in their own living environment. We facilitate rapid community engagement and support individuals in making and achieving personal goals. Residents engage in a comprehensive array of outpatient behavioral health services while they “age in place.”  When possible, we coordinate with the Delaware County Office of Services for the Aging (COSA) for services such as aging waiver, options program, etc.. For more information, contact 484-454-8724.