Applied Behavior Analysis Services


ABA helps families find the dialogue to build relationships

Children experiencing developmental delays with no consistent method of communication can lash out and develop serious or regularly occurring problem behaviors. Children diagnosed with autism who cannot communicate can become so frustrated they act out and tantrum. Caregivers can struggle for years to help these children.

Our Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) Services is evidence-based therapy, consisting of techniques that changes behavior and uses ongoing evaluations to understand why problematic behaviors occur. Children ages 2-21 with a diagnosis of autism (or developmental delays for children living in Philadelphia county) can receive ABA services.


  • The main focus of treatment builds on positive behaviors and teaches replacement skills for negative behaviors.
  • We teach children to use pictures, signs, and sounds to communicate more effectively.
  • Parents participate in each session so they, too learn the skills being taught to their child. This helps to maintain progress as they will be able to practice with their child outside of therapy sessions.
  • Treatment is typically 3-4 hours per week with a Behavioral Specialist Consultant and 6-25 hours per week with a Therapeutic Support Staff. Sessions can be held at home, at school, and in the community including your child’s preschool.

The quickest way to see if your child is a candidate for ABA services is to contact Child Guidance at 267-713-4100.

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