Blended Case Management


Case Management is a stand alone service which assists eligible children and families with mental illness to achieve success in their recovery from a variety of mental health diagnoses. Individuals are empowered with education, the means to access resources and guidance in making informed choices. Case Management works to maximize an individual and family’s ability to live independently and productively in the community.

How will a Case Manager help you?

A Bachelor’s level professional case manager is assigned to work with the child and family. She will support you in the following ways:

  • Linking with services – Establishes and maintains linkages with other child serving systems (i.e. school, Theraplay).
  • Monitoring of service delivery – Organizes and facilitates interagency team meetings so that all involved organizations can collaborate on the development of the comprehensive plan for the child and family; maintains on-going communication with all service providers to ensure continuity of car and effectiveness of services.
  • Gaining access to services – Promotes the smooth transition between levels of care within Child Guidance and the continuum of children’s mental health services in your county.
  • Assessment and services planning – Participates with other providers in assessing needs and developing a comprehensive service plan with the involvement of the child and family.
  • Problem resolution – Assists in gaining access to needed services; assists in resolving issues which prevent a person from receiving needed treatment, rehabilitation and support services.
  • Informal support network building – With parent’s permission and cooperation, builds an informal support network.
  • Use of community resources – Provides appropriate community resources i.e. mental health services, healthcare, employment training, education, housing assistance, childcare, camps, recreational activities, obtaining basic living needs and skills such as housing, food, medical care, recreation, education and employment.

Who is eligible for case management services?

Children and adolescents (toddler to age 21) go through an assessment process to determine eligibility.

Where do case management services occur?

In the home, school, and community.

When/how often does case management occur? 

Blended Case Management (BCM) Minimum is 2 times a month, face to face. After 5pm, on-call services are provided for BCM client in a crisis.

What is considered a crisis?

When the client is threatening to hurt self or others.

  • Not when client runs away…call 911
  • Not when client doesn’t want to do chores
  • Not when client didn’t come home on time or go to sleep
  • Not when client isn’t listening to the parent
  • Not to have a therapy session by phone
  • Not when client runs out of medication
  • Not when client has Family Based Services

Case managers don’t:

  • Provide medication
  • Go out socially with clients
  • Provide therapy
  • Clean, help you move, or babysit
  • Go grocery shopping
  • Provide transportation on a regular basis

To learn more, call:

Chester County: 610-383-5635

Philadelphia County: 267-713-4100