Detention Center Services


If your child has been admitted to a Juvenile Detention Center, you may understandably feel scared and unsure about what to do next. Rest assured that Child Guidance’s Juvenile Detention Center Mental Health Program (Available in the Delaware County Juvenile Detention Center) will support your child with a variety of behavioral health services throughout his/her time in the facility. We are acutely aware of how many children and adolescents admitted to secure detention centers are already experiencing behavioral health problems that contribute to their delinquent behavior. Too often, youth are arrested and detained without any awareness or treatment of the behavioral health conditions that led to their actions. Without care of your child’s emotional health, the circumstances and conditions during their arrest and detention can easily contribute to an increased decline in his/her emotional well-being.

Master’s level clinicians provide behavioral health treatment as well as crisis intervention and management to all residents ranging from 10-20 years old.

Additionally, Child Guidance’s three licensed psychiatrists are on site to help your child with psychiatric and medication management as needed. The integration of behavioral health services into the juvenile detention system allows for a full range of support for residents by helping them begin to address the emotional roots of their behavior and encouraging them to grow in a new direction.

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