Elementary school


Sometimes a child needs more support and services than the home school district can provide. To accommodate these children’s needs, Child Guidance has a licensed, private Special Education School for children in grades K-8 in Delaware County (1-3 in Montgomery County) who are struggling emotionally, socially, or have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum or with a pervasive developmental delay.Our school is a structured academic environment much like mainstream classrooms and teaches an academic curriculum but has a strong emphasis on social, emotional, and behavioral development. The goal for every child in our Elementary Education Services (EES) is to learn the skills necessary to return successfully to his/her own public school district. In fact, every year 85% of students are transitioned successfully to their home district.School districts primarily refer students to our Elementary School. If our school seems like the right fit for a child, parents and providers may request Child Guidance specifically to the district. For more information, please call 484-454-8700 Ext. 1256.