Elementary school


CREATE and our EES school will continue to follow the state required school closures at this time.  The most recent communication from the state is closed until April 6th.  The closure order could be extended beyond April 6 if necessary. 

While our physical location for CREATE and EES is closed, we maintain our commitment to those we serve by offering telehealth options for individuals, students, and families.  Our CGRC staff will be reaching out to talk with you more about this!

Sometimes a child needs more support and services than the home school district can provide. To accommodate these children’s needs, Child Guidance has a licensed, private Special Education School for children in grades K-8 in Delaware County (1-3 in Montgomery County) who are struggling emotionally, socially, or have been diagnosed on the autism spectrum or with a pervasive developmental delay.Our school is a structured academic environment much like mainstream classrooms and teaches an academic curriculum but has a strong emphasis on social, emotional, and behavioral development. The goal for every child in our Elementary Education Services (EES) is to learn the skills necessary to return successfully to his/her own public school district. In fact, every year 85% of students are transitioned successfully to their home district.School districts primarily refer students to our Elementary School. If our school seems like the right fit for a child, parents and providers may request Child Guidance specifically to the district. For more information, please call 484-454-8700 Ext. 1256.