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Successful therapy does not need to be confined to a room in an office. In fact, we have found that some of the most effective and long-lasting changes occur when treating a child in his/her personal environment. By working in the home and community, our therapists gain a deep understanding of your child’s struggles and treat not only your child, but the entire family. Without the limits of an office, the therapeutic possibilities multiply.

Family First believes that the most effective way to help troubled children and adolescents is through a family-focused, home-based model designed to recognize struggles and build on family strengths.

Family First is a 32 week process. Your family is assigned a team of two Master’s level clinicians who work closely with you in the home, school and community to address not only your child’s emotional struggles but the larger systemic issues contributing to troublesome behavior. The flexibility of being in the home and community allows your therapists to address the root of your struggles and create long-term positive change.

Our therapists provide:

  • Family therapy
  • Individual counseling
  • Parent education
  • Case management
  • Family support
  • 24 hour on-call support.
Family First has been a lifeline for many families, helping to regain stability, parents to recover their confidence, and children to renew their life’s potential.Child Guidance’s Family First services are covered by the PA Medical Assistance System.  If your child is diagnosed with a disability, s/he may qualify for Medical Assistance regardless of family income.Child Guidance will be able to begin assessing your child’s needs and providing services immediately.  Please call to schedule an intake appointment to see if Family First is right for your child.

If  you already have Medical Assistance: Contact Child Guidance at (484) 454-8720 to begin the 60 day extended assessment process

If you do not have Medical Assistance, you can enroll by contacting COMPASS at 877-395-8930 or start the application online at
If you have questions, call us today and we’ll help you find answers.