Fellowship Farm


In our ever-moving society, it is increasingly important to take time to come together with one another, share experiences, challenge our stereotypes and beliefs and form connections in a safe environment. At Child Guidance’s Fellowship Farm facility, we know the importance of nurturing in every person the visions and skills to foster peace and understanding of ourselves, our homes, our communities, and the world. We address diversity of all kinds at Fellowship Farm, whether it’s diversity of race, gender, learning abilities or cultural background, we work to build bridges and encourage communication between all people.

Fellowship Farm offers skilled facilitators, comprehensive programs, beautiful natural setting and facilities to serve your needs. Whether you come for a day-retreat with your 8th grade class, spend a week with your family working on communication skills and enjoying downtime, or schedule a staff retreat, you will leave with a greater understanding of yourself, your peers, and with an increased knowledge to make a more independent, peaceful and sustainable world.

Child Guidance’s Fellowship Farm facility offers a variety of programs that provide
tools to understand and confront stereotypes. Depending on a group’s needs,we cater activities to provide a positive approach to developing cultural understanding. We work with children, adolescents and adults in school to promote environments where everyone can feel safe and supported.

At Fellowship Farm, we offer programs to help organizations, students, families and individuals connect with one another, enhance communication skills, encourage team building and other activities that enhance healthy development of all members. Whether you join us for a day, retreat, camp or other Fellowship Farm program, you will leave enriched and with a better understanding of yourself and your group as a whole.

To learn more about specific Fellowship Farm programs, please visit the Fellowship Farm website or call 610-326-3008.