Parent-Child Interaction Therapy


If your 2-6 year old child is struggling with aggressive or disruptive behavior and your attempts to change or address it have been unsuccessful, our Parent-Child Interaction Therapy (PCIT) may be the right program for you. We work with you to address the needs of the child in your care in a collaborative, age-appropriate and supportive environment.

Parent-Child Interaction Therapy is an innovative, award-winning therapeutic approach that is proven to enhance parent-child relationships. The goal of this program is to increase your child’s self-reliance and social skills as well as effectively address your child’s behavior struggles. PCIT primarily works with children who struggle with disruptive or difficult behavior related to emotional challenges or autism spectrum diaganoses. Common issues addressed include: verbal or physical aggression, defiance, noncompliance, temper tantrums, or ADHD symptoms. Therapy occurs weekly in hour-long sessions over a 15-20 week period in one of our three locations. The clinician stands behind a two-way mirror and coaches you through a wireless earpiece on how to handle your child’s behavior immediately and appropriately, without harsh punishments. This process empowers you and your child and helps facilitate happy, healthy family interactions. Additionally, booster sessions may be provided to maintain your parenting skills and address new problems if they emerge.

To get started, please call our Access Coordinators near you:

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  • Chester County: 610-383-5635
  • Montgomery County: 484-454-8720

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