Pivotal Response Treatment


Raising children can be one of the most rewarding and difficult parts of life, especially when your child has been diagnosed on the autism spectrum or with a pervasive developmental delay (PDD). Children diagnosed with autism and/or PDD are often challenged by language, play, social, and behavioral issues. It often feels like a struggle to make progress and your child’s needs do not often fit neatly into a structured classroom setting. You need flexibility and support during your child’s critical years of development.

Pivotal Response Treatment (PRT) is an evidence-based program that helps children develop the skills they need while also supporting the caregiver and family throughout the therapeutic process. The Pivotal Response clinician trains and empowers parents and caregivers to take an active role during the development, and improvement, of critical social skills.

Pivotal Response Treatment is a fully-flexible, open-format program to increase language skills, positive behaviors, social communication and academic skills. Over the 20 week program, children and caregivers meet with the clinician 1-3 times per week in the office. Here, the therapist works with the family to encourage areas of strength and meet challenges with compassion. The format provides an opportunity for parents to learn and practice therapeutic tools in a controlled environment with direct guidance from the therapist. Once the program is complete, continued support is available to encourage, correct and reinforce effective techniques.

Pivotal Response Treatment is available in these four offices:

  • Delaware County: (484) 454-8720
  • Chester County: (610) 383-5635
  • Philadelphia County:(267) 713-4100

Or contact info@cgrc.org to learn more.