The Incredible Years


Are you concerned about a 6-8 year old child you know? Is he or she hyper-active, struggling to focus, unable to sit still, acting aggressively or having a hard time making friends?  The Incredible Years Program at Child Guidance can help.The Incredible Years is an evidence-based program developed in 1983 to help families with over-active, inattentive, non-compliant and aggressive children. The program works closely with caregivers and children to support long-term positive change.

The Incredible Years is a therapeutic group that offers practical behavioral health support for both children and caregivers. Parent sessions focus on developing effective interaction skills and behavior management while children learn appropriate social behavior and emotional regulation from Dina the Dinosaur, Wally, Molly, and Tiny the Turtle! Meeting with children and caregivers separately allows us to best meet everyone’s needs and encourages optimal growth. The program meets once a week for approximately 18 weeks.

The Incredible Years is covered by most commercial insurance and medical assistance. In addition to weekly sessions, the program includes therapeutic phone check-ins and parent-to-parent support. Dinner and childcare for siblings is included free of charge! The Incredible Years has been proven to help caregivers support children with developing social and emotional skills at home and school, works with caregivers to help develop plans for children to improve in school, treat and prevent children’s oppositional and aggressive behavior.

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For more information, call:
484-454-8700 (Havertown)
610-383-5635 (Coatesville)
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