Truancy and Delinquency Prevention Partnership

Liia Rudolph

When you find out that your child is:

  • Not attending school
  • Becoming chronically late and underprepared for school and/or
  • Exhibiting behavior problems in school

Where do you turn to help get your child back on track?

For over 14 years, the Truancy and Delinquency Prevention Partnership has been helping children like yours by teaching them the skills they need to successfully return to school, stay safe, and reach their potential academically and emotionally.

We know your child is unique and our Truancy program takes that into consideration with everything we do. Each family’s treatment program is specifically designed by a Case Manager and Clinical Team to meet your child’s specific needs.

How does Truancy work?

When your child enters the program, s/he will be assigned a Case Manager. The Case Manager acts as your child’s advocate, helping with homework, speaking with teachers, and advocating in the justice system as needed. Our Case Managers are champions at identifying areas in need of support, connecting with and advocating for your child.

The program hours vary depending on your child’s need and availability. Therapy occurs in many places, ranging from our offices to your home and in the community. We will work with you to help your child reach his/her potential as a successful student and active community.

Services are provided at no cost to you.

If you think your child could benefit from the Truancy program, please email or fax the referral form to our program director Joe Mack.

Click here to view the Truancy and Delinquency Prevention Partnership Exclusionary Criteria

Contact us today to learn more about this innovative, effective program and discuss how we can help your child (484) 454-8720